So thankful

This past weekend was Remembrance Day! I am not usually sentimental in my blog posts but this time I felt compelled to be more reflective and take time to share gratitude. November 11th is our formal opportunity to take time and give thanks, specifically, for all of those who sacrificed the ultimate gift for us to enjoy the luxuries we have today. I am reminded this weekend of the blessings we have and the many fortunes that are part of our lives. At school on Friday, we celebrated Remembrance Day and brought all students to the gym for an opportunity to show our respect to the service providers in our community and show thanks for those soldiers who served. I was so proud of the respect students showed for the entirety of the assembly, that I was reminded of the maturity of these youth. The respect that students showed this day was so appreciated and recognized. We also had several parents and other community members join us for the assembly and they too commented on the excellent behaviour of our students. Our staff was so proud to be a part of this event with our students. In addition, we rallied students this past week to bring in soup and sock donations for veterans and they didn’t let us down. The table of donations was spilling over! This weekend, was a reminder of the wonderful youth we have in our school and the honour that we have as the adults to work along side them day after day. I am grateful and appreciate the role I have in this community and the opportunity to be with these young adults. The future is in good hands!

Yours respectfully,

Linda Tucker


What a September!

The month of September went by so fast this year, it just doesn’t seem real. There is no doubt, we are back in the routine of every day school life but this year just feels a little more special than it has in the past. Yes, each day is super busy and brings a myriad of multi-tasking and brilliant junior high energy, but for some reason our purpose seems more solidified than ever before. We amped up the energy on September 14th as we celebrated our ‘Student conference’. This was an opportunity for all students to take part in a multitude of different sessions offered by teachers and community members. It was such an extraordinary day full of laughter, learning and most importantly, taking risks. The conference was designed to give students a glimpse into something they have never done before, or maybe participate in as an expert. It was like students were attending ‘teachers convention’ or some sort of PD. 9 days in, it was a wonderful way to start the school year.

The second big event that I believe impacted our energy was our ‘Welcome to grade 7 camp week’! This past week was designed for our grade 7 students to get to know one another more meaningfully by participating in team-building events all week long. Students were also able to attend camp Kuriakos in Sylvan like where they stayed 2 nights and immersed themselves in outdoor adventure and collaboration. Those back at the school participated in activities such as coding, the amazing race, crafts, makerspace, swimming and a variety of other fun activities. The whole purpose of camp week was to engage students in a different way so that they could make new friends, feel more confident in themselves and get to know each other by working together. It was an excellent week!! The smiles, laughter and energy were all contagious.

Both of these school events, along with a passionate and committed staff and the incredible support of community, Crowther Memorial Junior High has been off to a great start! I am grateful to be the proud principal of such an energetic and dynamic school. This year I suspect will be our best! It just feels different.

Take care everyone and please share your ideas, thoughts and suggestions with me. It takes all of us working together for the best interest of kids!

Sincerely, Linda

We love our school

The first week of school with our students went by like a blur! It was so awesome to see all the returning grade 8’s and 9’s and to welcome all of our new grade 7’s. Junior high is one of the most interesting transitions for students. It is an opportunity for students to explore and navigate their identity, begin to formulate their own ideas and beliefs and really start to develop their young adult characteristics. As teachers, we are so lucky to be able to see the transition from the beginning days of grade 7 through to the last days of grade 9 and how much maturity and growth occurs. It is hard as a parent to realize that your child is getting older and becoming more independent from the family. But, this is what we raise them for. We hope that our children, these developing young adults, become independent and thoughtful and contribute in meaningful ways. They will…we see it every day in our building. We are so fortunate to witness the transformation. These first few days of school we see the excitement and energy of our students and soon start to witness the focus and growth that inevitably occurs. This is one of the reasons we love our school. Every adult in Our building loves working with teenagers. We totally thrive on the energy and dynamic mood. Yes, some days it can be challenging but that is what makes it exciting. This is what brought us. We, along with you, get to be a part of the transformation. We love our school! If this first week is any indication….it is going to be an excellent year! In September we often say “Happy New Year” ūüėä here’s to an excellent start!!

We are excited and ready for 2018-2019

For the last several weeks, staff at CMJHS have been busy setting up classes, organizing lessons, arranging bulletin boards and getting things all ready for students. Tomorrow– September 4th is the BIG DAY when all of our students return. We are excited and ready for the 2018- 2019 school year. It is always the anticipation and energy of a new school year that makes you think about setting new goals, trying different approaches and¬† improving upon what you did the year before to make the new even better. Today alone, teachers were in and out the school all day. Many teachers staying for hours just making sure all is setup perfectly for the arrival of students. The beginning of a year is an¬† exciting time for all. I ran into a couple students last week and they were so looking forward to getting back. Summer is a wonderful time to relax, enjoy the luxury of time and flexible days but a routine and structure can also be very valuable. And, school is a fun and happening place ūüôā Parents are happy to have their children return and also feel excitement at the opportunities.¬† It is such a gift every year to redefine your experience while learning and growing. We are all so lucky to have this in front of us. Pictured below is a smiling group of CMJHS staff just last week as we worked hard in our own staff meetings- learning, planning, working together- all in anticipation of tomorrow. And, how could we ever turn down the opportunity for a selfie;) The additional pictures staff are writing ‘words of encouragement’ to students which we will see in our Den the first week we are back. It is my sincere hope and desire for an excellent school year for all occupants of CMJHS. We have the opportunity to be shaped, work meaningfully together, learn, grow and just as importantly-belong! This is going to be an excellent year- we are excited are ready. See you all soon ~ Mrs. Tucker

staff picmaking signs 2.JPGmaking signs 1.JPG

Welcome Back!

I am thrilled to welcome everyone back to the 2017/2018 school year. It is awesome to see all of our students again and to welcome all the new grade 7 students and parents to our school family. At Crowther, we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere for adolescent students that is centered on quality learning first but also in providing rich experiences in extra-curricular opportunities, an array of sports and activities, and many school-wide team building events. ¬†We have begun the school year with much excitement and anticipation. The energy in our hallways and classrooms is exciting and hopeful. The student body this year seems to be such an exuberant mix of confident, caring and invested students who make the most of every day. We feel really fortunate to do what we do as educators and feel pretty honored to lead this group of youth into the future. We are also very proud of our Mission¬†at Crowther and seek to truly live by its virtue: At Crowther we are….United in our Diversity, Passionate about our Learning and Confident in our Future. You will notice within our school the many signs and visuals of UPC throughout our hallways and rooms as a reminder of our purpose. We truly value the students in our building and want to do all that we can to make their experience for the three years they are with us exceptional. When our grade 9’s leave our school, we want them to “Make the world a better place” through their actions, and abilities as a dynamic influential ¬†force. We would not be the school we are with out an exceptional faculty. We are very proud of our staff at Crowther and are incredibly lucky to have the very best educators and support staff leading, inspiring, and learning with students every single day. With over 600 students and 50 plus staff, we are a dynamic, energetic learning organization excited about the 2017-2018 school year. Please join us in this journey of learning together for the sake of our students. I look forward to working with the broader school community as we navigate the days ahead. As always, your feedback is welcome and encouraged,

Until next time….all the best




Thinking forward and back…

CMJHSI have been away from my blog for several months (insert shameful face here) and have to say that I really missed this process! I think I just got caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy school, family and karate life and didn’t make time to write. Being able to do this- to write and share my thoughts about the happenings of school life- is a wonderful opportunity. It allows me to express the brilliant lives of our students and the talents of the adults who support these students every single day. During this writing absence, lots of changes have occurred for me. I am now the Principal at Crowther Memorial Junior High school…and officially our students will arrive tomorrow September 1st. This is a very exciting adventure for me as I spent many years in this school as the Associate Principal- returning to this building is like coming home. As my blog reflects, I had been the Principal at Wheatland Elementary school for these past two years and thoroughly loved the rich experience and meaningful connections I was able to make. The rhythm and process of an Elementary school is vastly different than that of the middle years. The energy, innocence and wonder are all characteristics I would use to describe what I was witness to every day with those beautiful elementary children. It was a gift for me to be able to see first-hand the roots of our education system and how it all begins for littlest learners. This experience changed me as an educator and has allowed for my own lens to be deeply shaped in new and meaningful ways. I will miss very much all those little hugs and smiles ¬†and have to be honest that those last couple weeks at Wheatland were very emotional. We become very connected and invested in the lives of children and families. All my tears those last several days were signs of love. My message to all the children that last day as I went from class to class was…”I will see you all again very soon and remember that when you come to Junior High, I expect some hugs” For the next seven years, I have the honor of being able to see these little children pass through the doors of the junior high and take those next steps on their journey. Until then…I am so excited about being back at Crowther Memorial Junior High. This will become my canvas of color and I couldn’t be more honored. Until next time…


You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So…get on your way!”

Dr. Seuss 


Creativity and Innovation

At Wheatland this month, students are invited to join the Wheatland Science club being held at lunch time. Students are encouraged to join and come out to try their hand an new and exciting experiments, explore new ideas and be creative with inventions and new ways of thinking. Students are naturally curious. I find that every day, I am asked questions from students or I often hear¬†questions like “Mrs. Tucker did you know…”?I love the curiosity of our children and how this thinking is something we are so fortunate to witness first hand at school.¬†The science club is just one more way teachers at Wheatland support and nurture creativity and rich experience for students. I am super excited to see the final culmination of the science club at the end of March where students will display their most prized experiment and host a morning of “teaching”¬†for the adults. This is where the real learning happens and memorable experiences occur. I have recently been reading a book called The¬†Innovator’s Mindset-Empower¬†Learning, Unleash talent and Lead a¬†Culture of Creativity by George Couros. Is has been just excellent so far. It has reinforced that we have to find ways in education to invite more creativity and innovation into our classrooms. Our students require different skills and knowledge than we ever required as learners. The future will demand an innovative thinker and a curious mind. I am excited about the science club and the opportunity for our students to create and take risks. I will keep you posted on the talent…