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Welcome Back!

I am thrilled to welcome everyone back to the 2017/2018 school year. It is awesome to see all of our students again and to welcome all the new grade 7 students and parents to our school family. At Crowther, we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere for adolescent students that is centered on quality learning first but also in providing rich experiences in extra-curricular opportunities, an array of sports and activities, and many school-wide team building events.  We have begun the school year with much excitement and anticipation. The energy in our hallways and classrooms is exciting and hopeful. The student body this year seems to be such an exuberant mix of confident, caring and invested students who make the most of every day. We feel really fortunate to do what we do as educators and feel pretty honored to lead this group of youth into the future. We are also very proud of our Mission at Crowther and seek to truly live by its virtue: At Crowther we are….United in our Diversity, Passionate about our Learning and Confident in our Future. You will notice within our school the many signs and visuals of UPC throughout our hallways and rooms as a reminder of our purpose. We truly value the students in our building and want to do all that we can to make their experience for the three years they are with us exceptional. When our grade 9’s leave our school, we want them to “Make the world a better place” through their actions, and abilities as a dynamic influential  force. We would not be the school we are with out an exceptional faculty. We are very proud of our staff at Crowther and are incredibly lucky to have the very best educators and support staff leading, inspiring, and learning with students every single day. With over 600 students and 50 plus staff, we are a dynamic, energetic learning organization excited about the 2017-2018 school year. Please join us in this journey of learning together for the sake of our students. I look forward to working with the broader school community as we navigate the days ahead. As always, your feedback is welcome and encouraged,

Until next time….all the best





Thinking forward and back…

CMJHSI have been away from my blog for several months (insert shameful face here) and have to say that I really missed this process! I think I just got caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy school, family and karate life and didn’t make time to write. Being able to do this- to write and share my thoughts about the happenings of school life- is a wonderful opportunity. It allows me to express the brilliant lives of our students and the talents of the adults who support these students every single day. During this writing absence, lots of changes have occurred for me. I am now the Principal at Crowther Memorial Junior High school…and officially our students will arrive tomorrow September 1st. This is a very exciting adventure for me as I spent many years in this school as the Associate Principal- returning to this building is like coming home. As my blog reflects, I had been the Principal at Wheatland Elementary school for these past two years and thoroughly loved the rich experience and meaningful connections I was able to make. The rhythm and process of an Elementary school is vastly different than that of the middle years. The energy, innocence and wonder are all characteristics I would use to describe what I was witness to every day with those beautiful elementary children. It was a gift for me to be able to see first-hand the roots of our education system and how it all begins for littlest learners. This experience changed me as an educator and has allowed for my own lens to be deeply shaped in new and meaningful ways. I will miss very much all those little hugs and smiles  and have to be honest that those last couple weeks at Wheatland were very emotional. We become very connected and invested in the lives of children and families. All my tears those last several days were signs of love. My message to all the children that last day as I went from class to class was…”I will see you all again very soon and remember that when you come to Junior High, I expect some hugs” For the next seven years, I have the honor of being able to see these little children pass through the doors of the junior high and take those next steps on their journey. Until then…I am so excited about being back at Crowther Memorial Junior High. This will become my canvas of color and I couldn’t be more honored. Until next time…


You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So…get on your way!”

Dr. Seuss 


Creativity and Innovation

At Wheatland this month, students are invited to join the Wheatland Science club being held at lunch time. Students are encouraged to join and come out to try their hand an new and exciting experiments, explore new ideas and be creative with inventions and new ways of thinking. Students are naturally curious. I find that every day, I am asked questions from students or I often hear questions like “Mrs. Tucker did you know…”?I love the curiosity of our children and how this thinking is something we are so fortunate to witness first hand at school. The science club is just one more way teachers at Wheatland support and nurture creativity and rich experience for students. I am super excited to see the final culmination of the science club at the end of March where students will display their most prized experiment and host a morning of “teaching” for the adults. This is where the real learning happens and memorable experiences occur. I have recently been reading a book called The Innovator’s Mindset-Empower Learning, Unleash talent and Lead a Culture of Creativity by George Couros. Is has been just excellent so far. It has reinforced that we have to find ways in education to invite more creativity and innovation into our classrooms. Our students require different skills and knowledge than we ever required as learners. The future will demand an innovative thinker and a curious mind. I am excited about the science club and the opportunity for our students to create and take risks. I will keep you posted on the talent…


Wheatland “Makerspace” getting closer…

Today in schools, it is not uncommon to hear educators refer to something called “Maker space”. This typically refers to an area in a school-often times in a library- where children can gather together and create, collaborate, build, explore and design imaginative projects. Usually, materials such as cardboard,crafts, electronics, tools, building supplies etc. are used for students to creatively explore and and connect with classmates in creative and inventive ways. What makes these types of spaces so unique is that children are able to design their own experiences with only their imagination as the rules. This type of creative design usually does not include current technology but rather focuses on students using their collective energy and imagination to explore and feel their way through play and design. We are so very fortunate at Wheatland school in that we had a couple of our own staff curious about this phenomenon and attended an information session at Golden Hills School Division in January. The energy from that session has created a tangible and highly exciting new energy and opportunity for our students. Although we are not yet ready to launch our Wheatland Makerspace…we did experiment on Monday by having Mrs Lenox’s grade 5’s  explore and navigate the possibilities. I suspect after witnessing this amazing experience- we will launch Makerspace really soon. It was Simply amazing. These children were deeply engaged and beyond excited to take this learning to new heights. I have to say that I have been very interested in the idea of Makerspace for some time and now finally get the opportunity to see it first hand grow and blossom in our school community. This will be amazing for our students. I wait eagerly in anticipation….

Celebration of Learning

I was invited to be a part of two special classroom celebrations on Friday of this past week. The grade threes were hosting their “Celebration of Learning”, this was an opportunity for each child in this class to reflect on and celebrate their success. There was singing, acting, showcasing of high quality work along with a room full of parents, grandparents and Friends. Each of us guests were greeted at the door by very polite and well practiced grade three greeters, we were tempted by delicious snacks and treats and were seated waiting in anticipation for the show to begin. Within minutes, the celebration began and we were treated to the voices of these young, confident learners proud of their work and happy to be in the spotlight. What I reflect on tonight is not only the excellent work and tremendous effort of the teacher and these talented students, but also the commitment and effort shown by the community. Parents would have had to take time off work or from their regular routines to attend the celebration. This effort did not go unnoticed. The smiles and confidence of each child was obvious as were the smiles and cheers from the  audience. The energy in the room was nothing but positive. I found myself thinking not only about family day this weekend but the whole idea of Valentine’s Day and the love all around. That same feeling was transparent in the grade one classroom later that afternoon as the 1B class presented their rendition of “The Three Little Pigs”. All students had an active role by reading aloud and acting out a part. The confidence building this does for children- especially at this young age is excellent. As you can imagine, there were lots of laughs from the jam-packed audience of parents and extended family. There were lots of hugs and high fives after the performance. Again, what a wonderful experience for these children to be able to share their learning in such a creative way. I was pleased to be a part of this celebration and so impressed with the love in the room. We have very clever teachers at Wheatland- ones who appreciate and value the role community plays. We could not do this without our parents. Together we are better! This family day weekend and Valentines day, I am reminded of the love we all share at Wheatland school as a community of learners, and most importantly the bigger family we are a part of ❤️

Teachers are always Learners

On Friday January 29th, Golden Hills School Division students were able to take a break from the usual routine of a school day and enjoy the day off while teachers were busy working together learning and collaborating with each other during our annual January Professional Development day. Our PD day included an opportunity for us as a staff to come together and discuss important aspects of daily life at school while learning together in a more relaxed and less demanding day. The staff at Wheatland Elementary school have been working hard over the past 5 months in the development of their grade level Professional Learning Communities. Every week, teachers have release time embedded in the day to work collaboratively together to review and develop certain aspects of each curriculum and how to find ways to encourage best learning and engagement of our students. We have been working hard these past several months in our development of Critical thinking skills and how we can better prepare students as active thinkers in this world  rather than passive consumers. We want to develop students who are able to think for themselves, question processes, create collaborative and be able to be confident entrepreneurs in the 21st century. Our day of learning included a presentation from our grade 4 teachers on some excellent strategies they use to engage learners and further develop critical thinking skills. This collaboration and sharing of resources and ideas further build all of our capacity as a staff and allows us try new ideas and experiment with different approaches.  These days are wonderful opportunities for us to work more closely together and find ways to learn from each other. Teachers are always learners….just like students. Each year, every class, each student brings a new perspective and a new experience.

 “Docemur Docendo” teaching is learning



Relationships Matter Most

I believe that we have a responsibility as educators to be forward thinkers. We must be architects of teaching and learning by continually working to refine our practice so that we continue to find meaningful ways to connect and engage with all of our students. We have to look beyond our ‘own’ learned experience of education and try to nurture experiences in creative, powerful and modern ways as we design and co-create learning for and with our students. We truly have no idea what the future will hold, but as we continue to advance and develop, the speed of technology is rapidly changing what we do and how we do it, this can be very challenging. Society demands new ways of knowing, doing and being and our task as educators is to create the conditions to empower students to be resourceful, inquisitive, and contributors to the future. Skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and innovation will be fundamental essentials for our next generation.  I have been reading a lot of articles lately on the notion of too much ‘screen time’ these days and that we are all guilty of this habitual behavior. I have always been a proponent of embedded technology in schools and believe we need to be proactive and allow for flexibility and creativity with technology. But we also have to be very thoughtful and intentional in that screen time does not become a replacement of face-to-face time. I truly see technology as a tool in education, as a means to further develop knowledge in creative and unique ways but we must always have a balance. We know our world will demand that students are consumers of technology but it is our collective responsibility to ensure that technology does not become the only tool. Building meaningful relationships must never lose its importance in schools. We are social beings and need to be connected to each other in meaningful ways. We have to take time to say hello, ask questions, and have conversations. We must never forget the importance of human connection. As we move into a very busy time of year and begin the cold winter months ahead, I reflect on how grateful I am for family, friends, colleagues and for our students. These smiling faces are what matter most to all of us here. We are a student-centered school and that means that students come first. This is why we are here. We believe that relationships matter and that we will take the time to value each person in this building and appreciate their many contributions. Regardless of the integration of technology, the pace at which life moves, the ever-changing landscape of community, as we work to develop the 21st century skills needed for these young learners we will never lose site of the fact that  relationships are the core and this matters most.

Be good to each other,

all the best~Linda



Wheatland School- It takes a community

We are very fortunate at Wheatland Elementary school to have a group of dedicated parent volunteers who have committed themselves to help make our school the wonderful place that it is. Not only do we have parents who have taken a formal role on the School Council but we also have many parents who help out supporting us with hot lunch, fundraising, field trips, or simply by being volunteers in our classrooms and lending a hand. What we know is that it takes all of us working together in collaborative and meaningful ways to create the foundation for life long learning. We appreciate teaming with our parents and the broader community as this partnership is truly the best for all of us. What I have realized is that the common thread in all of these support roles  is truly the same. We are all here for the same reason– we love these children and we want to provide the conditions necessary to make this experience the best it can be. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the overwhelming support of families this past week as they offered so many donations for our annual food bank drive. Each day this week, we had   tremendous support from our families as each class worked hard to collect as many items as possible. We are proud to provide this collective effort to our local food back on behalf of the Wheatland community. We want to offer our sincere appreciation to all the parents and community members who commit their valuable time and efforts as partners at Wheatland Elementary school- it takes a community-we could not do this without your continued support.

In appreciation,


“Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success” Stephen Covey

Welcome to the BEST Year!!

I have to share how very excited I was to see all those happy faces walking through the doors of Wheatland on Tuesday September 1st- our first official day of the 2015-2016 school year!! I was just as eager to give hugs and high fives to all those smiling faces. It was so wonderful to see our students arrive that morning ready for a new and exciting year at Wheatland Elementary.  Back packs were full, lunch kits primed for the day, indoor and outdoor shoes ready to be worn but most noticeable was the energy and enthusiasm alive in every hallway and vibrant in every classroom. I felt emotionally charged like never before- and felt so honored to be a part of the lives of these wonderful children. I just knew, that whole day, it was going to be the BEST year yet…for all of us!! It was simply a feeling in the air, an undeniable sense that this year was going to be spectacular. That feeling was also shared by staff as many conversations about the first few days indicated a smooth and flawless start- a new beginning full of hope and happiness. As we begin to settle in and work hard to set the stage for the year ahead, I want to express my sincere gratitude for being the Principal of such a wonderful community of learners and will strive to work alongside all of you to make this the BEST year yet. I want to officially welcome ALL of you to the 2015-2016 school year and look forward to partnering together as we work to inspire, support, and nurture all members of this school community. Until next time…


Linda Tucker


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