I believe that we have a responsibility as educators to be forward thinkers. We must be architects of teaching and learning by continually working to refine our practice so that we continue to find meaningful ways to connect and engage with all of our students. We have to look beyond our ‘own’ learned experience of education and try to nurture experiences in creative, powerful and modern ways as we design and co-create learning for and with our students. We truly have no idea what the future will hold, but as we continue to advance and develop, the speed of technology is rapidly changing what we do and how we do it, this can be very challenging. Society demands new ways of knowing, doing and being and our task as educators is to create the conditions to empower students to be resourceful, inquisitive, and contributors to the future. Skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and innovation will be fundamental essentials for our next generation. ┬áI have been reading a lot of articles lately on the notion of too much ‘screen time’ these days and that we are all guilty of this habitual behavior. I have always been a proponent of embedded technology in schools and believe we need to be proactive and allow for flexibility and creativity with technology. But we also have to be very thoughtful and intentional in that screen time does not become a replacement of face-to-face time. I truly see technology as a tool in education, as a means to further develop knowledge in creative and unique ways but we must always have a balance. We know our world will demand that students are consumers of technology but it is our collective responsibility to ensure that technology does not become the only tool. Building meaningful relationships must never lose its importance in schools. We are social beings and need to be connected to each other in meaningful ways. We have to take time to say hello, ask questions, and have conversations. We must never forget the importance of human connection. As we move into a very busy time of year and begin the cold winter months ahead, I reflect on how grateful I am for family, friends, colleagues and for our students. These smiling faces are what matter most to all of us here. We are a student-centered school and that means that students come first. This is why we are here. We believe that relationships matter and that we will take the time to value each person in this building and appreciate their many contributions. Regardless of the integration of technology, the pace at which life moves, the ever-changing landscape of community, as we work to develop the 21st century skills needed for these young learners we will never lose site of the fact that ┬árelationships are the core and this matters most.

Be good to each other,

all the best~Linda