Today in schools, it is not uncommon to hear educators refer to something called “Maker space”. This typically refers to an area in a school-often times in a library- where children can gather together and create, collaborate, build, explore and design imaginative projects. Usually, materials such as cardboard,crafts, electronics, tools, building supplies etc. are used for students to creatively explore and and connect with classmates in creative and inventive ways. What makes these types of spaces so unique is that children are able to design their own experiences with only their imagination as the rules. This type of creative design usually does not include current technology but rather focuses on students using their collective energy and imagination to explore and feel their way through play and design. We are so very fortunate at Wheatland school in that we had a couple of our own staff curious about this phenomenon and attended an information session at Golden Hills School Division in January. The energy from that session has created a tangible and highly exciting new energy and opportunity for our students. Although we are not yet ready to launch our Wheatland Makerspace…we did experiment on Monday by having Mrs Lenox’s grade 5’s  explore and navigate the possibilities. I suspect after witnessing this amazing experience- we will launch Makerspace really soon. It was Simply amazing. These children were deeply engaged and beyond excited to take this learning to new heights. I have to say that I have been very interested in the idea of Makerspace for some time and now finally get the opportunity to see it first hand grow and blossom in our school community. This will be amazing for our students. I wait eagerly in anticipation….