On Friday January 29th, Golden Hills School Division students were able to take a break from the usual routine of a school day and enjoy the day off while teachers were busy working together learning and collaborating with each other during our annual January Professional Development day. Our PD day included an opportunity for us as a staff to come together and discuss important aspects of daily life at school while learning together in a more relaxed and less demanding day. The staff at Wheatland Elementary school have been working hard over the past 5 months in the development of their grade level Professional Learning Communities. Every week, teachers have release time embedded in the day to work collaboratively together to review and develop certain aspects of each curriculum and how to find ways to encourage best learning and engagement of our students. We have been working hard these past several months in our development of Critical thinking skills and how we can better prepare students as active thinkers in this world  rather than passive consumers. We want to develop students who are able to think for themselves, question processes, create collaborative and be able to be confident entrepreneurs in the 21st century. Our day of learning included a presentation from our grade 4 teachers on some excellent strategies they use to engage learners and further develop critical thinking skills. This collaboration and sharing of resources and ideas further build all of our capacity as a staff and allows us try new ideas and experiment with different approaches.  These days are wonderful opportunities for us to work more closely together and find ways to learn from each other. Teachers are always learners….just like students. Each year, every class, each student brings a new perspective and a new experience.

 “Docemur Docendo” teaching is learning